The Process


Old growth woods make a statement, and our talented designers are passionate about revealing the richly detailed history of every timber.

Each of our singular pieces is meticulously hand crafted in an intricate process that starts with liberating deadhead logs and antique beams from riverbeds and historic structures. The logs are sawn and kiln dried before being processed by our custom plane, each cut revealing a work of art created entirely by nature.

With the ancient beauty of our rare woods, unmatched craftsmanship and the ability to create any custom paint or finish color, each Armored Frog creation truly becomes a masterpiece.

In collaboration with our interior design team, we start the detailed process by first designing and pricing the desired piece. The client is directed to our stain colors and custom paint samples. If the client has a photo or final finish color, it is at this time we will need these items to correctly quote your custom piece.

Once the client has submitted their deposit we will provide to scale design drawings and sketches for final review.

We start the complex build process by carefully selecting the perfect timbers from our trove of reclaimed and solid wood treasures. We carefully select the most exquisite paints, stain and finish for our pieces. Our artisans are the best in their class; often pairing beautifully painted pieces with custom metal, stainless steel & chromed bases.

Upon completion of the construction phase we will provide actual photos of your custom piece. It is at this time if any changes or modifications in final color or finish are desired we must make them otherwise additional costs can be incurred if changes are later required when finish has been applied.

We ask for a maximum of 12 weeks to build and finish most custom pieces. The design phase can be as quick as one day and as long as the client desires if they continue to dial in their design. It does not take 12 weeks to actually build the majority of our custom works. Your project is simply slotted into the production schedule and will begin as others are finished. In the event a project is time sensitive please feel free to contact us for priority production pricing or purchase from one our custom floor samples.