Why Well-Made Furniture Is Something To Look Forward To

by Emma Lenhart

We believe that furniture is truly something special. Not just any furniture, though. We are talking about the type of furniture that demands attention in a room. It sparks conversation, and administers praise. 

We feel that well-made, handcrafted furniture should be something to look forward to. It’s exciting to be able to pick out pieces that represent who you are, what you like, and the quality of workmanship that you have grown to appreciate. Decorating your home and filling it with pieces you love should not come easily; but rather be looked at as adding to a growing collection of priceless works of art. At Armored Frog, we know you understand that furniture should be something you are proud to put on display in your space. That well-made furniture should be the framework for memories made in your home. To you, a couch is not just a couch; but rather a sanctuary for your family to gather together for cozy, late movie nights. A table isn’t just a table; but a place for laughter to be shared and bread to be broken together. 

We know that trends easily come and go. Stores are constantly trying to steal your attention with “cute”, flimsy pieces that may withstand everyday life for a few months. But this type of pseudo-furniture will quickly fade and pass away, and be easily forgotten from the narrative of a home. Because of this, our team at Armored Frog has worked for years to create a counter-culture to this mindset, and take furniture back to the days where it was cherished. Does the furniture in your house speak volumes as to who you are as a person? Does it show that you value hard work, beauty, and style? Or does it simply sit in the corner of a room, collecting dust and continuing to look outdated and bland?

Furniture should not be something that is replicated in a factory or on an assembly line, but rather created with a vision and passion. Well-made furniture is thought-out, planned, and carefully executed. Nothing about well-made furniture is rushed or overlooked, because the craftsman knows just how important the piece will be to it’s future owner. 

 At Armored Frog, we craft furniture that is built to last, carefully carved and designed with style that spans decades. Our craftsman are the best of the best, and our materials are among the most superior in the world. Our team looks at each piece of furniture as a treasure, and truly as a piece of unique art that cannot be replicated, as a relic of our life story. Because that’s truly what it is.