A Hand-crafted Career


UNT alumnus Joe Sinkovich creates career with custom-made furniture

Joe Sinkovich ('04) has gone from selling medical devices to creating custom furniture. He founded the luxury furniture company Armored Frog, which will open its first national showroom in Dallas in 2017.

It started when he and his wife began renovating their nearly 100-year-old home and asked carpenters to make a coffee table and planter boxes, salvaging remnants of the house's antique wood. As their friends saw the results and wanted a similar type of furniture, the Sinkoviches started the business out of their garage. Now Armored Frog serves clients worldwide and occupies a 13,000-square-foot production facility in Pensacola, where craftsmen and artisans make tables, beds and other furnishings from premium hardwood.

Sinkovich studied biology at UNT in the late '80s and says the help he received from faculty and staff helped pave his way.

"I came out with a work ethic and understanding that when I put in the effort, my professors and mentors gave back far more than I gave them, and the same is true of my clients now," he says. "That's the culture I found at UNT."