To evolve while staying true to our roots is a grand task. Convenience begins to encroach on the territory of quality, and the importance of heritage begins to slip our minds. We are dedicated to serving the curator of a vivid life; those who seek the raw to be refined into an archetype of themselves; the articulate; the mindful; the authentic.




Headquarters + Production Pensacola, FL
Founded in 2013,
by Joe Sinkovich, President & CEO
8 employees, 3 key partners,
over 100 years of experience
3 investors, first round of funding
State of Florida IRREF Recipient (2016)
$225,000 Grant
Industry Recruitment Retention Expansion Fund
Year 1: sales | 1 employee
Year 2: sales +300%) | 2 employees (+100%)
Year 3: sales (+365%) | 4 employees (+100%)
Year 4: projected $450k sales | 6 employees
Connect with The Armored Frog:

Clients across 12 states, 2 countries
Shipping throughout the United States
Select woods sourced from 3 countries
Knotty Alder, Poplar, Cherry, White Oak - (Appalachians, US)
Sapele Mahogany - (Africa)
Honduran Mahogany - (Central/South America)
Antique Long Leaf Pine - (Southeast US)
Pecan/Hickory - (Midwest US)
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