steadily crafting a plan of intention and unbeatable quality



Experience our latest addition to the company, located at Five Palafox Place, in the historic Blount Building, in downtown Pensacola.


It takes the best craftsman to build the best furniture. Our hiring process uses both typical employer practices, including one-on-one interviews, skill testing and reference checks, and compares that information with cultural fit and teachability. 

The true success in receiving this funding is not only found in gaining the financial resources to cultivate revenue growth. This allows us to invest in our two most important assets: employees and customers. By providing on the job training, we’re maintaining the highest caliber of skilled employees, and through
the patent application process, we are ensuring the protection
of our clients’ investments on multiple levels.
— Joe Sinkovich, CEO & Founder, The Armored Frog


Once hired, craftsman are consistently evaluated and trained. We keep only those employees who uphold strict quality and reliability standards. On-the-job training provides an extraordinary opportunity for Armored Frog to retain dedicated, high-performing employees who seek to pursue a higher level in their career. We believe this form of training supports the development of strong, vibrant regional economies where businesses thrive and people want to live and work.

FloridaWest EDA is pleased to connect economic development programs and workforce training that help cultivate Armored Frog’s continued growth and development in Pensacola. This company serves as an exemplary model blending business acumen with quality craftsmanship and manufacturing and also provides testimony of our keen interest in working with local companies that help drive and sustain the future of our local economy. We are so excited about the opportunities awaiting Armored Frog and so proud to be a part of their hometown team.
— Donnie McMahan, Florida West Economic Development Alliance


A desk that stands for honest work is built with future generations in mind.

We're introducing a line of handcrafted, heirloom desks that represent the same sentiments as the legacy workspaces of our fathers before us. The Valor Desk Series is our tip of the hat to those who take pride in honoring the dedication and grit that it takes to be successful.

Armored Frog has achieved high quality pieces in the relatively short period of three years, and they will stand the test of time to be passed down to future generations.
— Tip McAlpin, McAlpin Interiors


Your assets: protected. A design patent protects an article's design, its unique external appearance, while a utility patent protects the article's function. Utility patents also cover attributes that a design patent does not cover, from processes to chemical compounds. Since each is a distinct form of protection, we have decided to take advantage of both form, in the interest of our clients. 

It is not often one is able to see handmade products so crisply constructed and exquisitely finished that the description ‘heirloom’ is no overstatement. We are thrilled to be involved with this exciting start-up, especially with what we see as a huge affluent furnishing demand that will continue to grow for the foreseeable future.
— Tony Terharr, partner of Terhaar & Cronley Development Co.